Ekunj - Feel at home HOUSE RULES

  1. Room charges are pre-paid in advance for confirmation of booking. Half at the time of booking & the final half at the time of Checking-In. Cancellation on the last day is possible, but without refund of the half advance.
  2. Show/Provide Identification card/passport/documents at the time of entry
  3. Not suitable for children and infants
  4. No pets
  5. No parties or Events without permission. Use of Hall / Courtyard or Backyard shall entail extra charges, as applicable.
  6. Check-in-time is flexible
  7. Check out time by 11 AM
  8. No loud music after 9 pm
  9. Smoking allowed only in smoking area
  10. No weapons nor any violence allowed inside the premise
  11. Owner not responsible for loss of guests valuable items
  12. No shoes inside bedroom
  13. No sleepover allowed for anyone visiting the guest
  14. Limited wifi
  15. All guests are to drop and leave their used linens at the laundry baskets located at Laundromat area while checking out
  16. Please maintain cleanliness & good hygiene during your stay
  17. For any emergency, please call the host or caretaker by phone, if necessary
  18. No littering around the premise, especially in all shared spaces including Kitchenette, etc.
  19. Use water & electricity sensibly as we are environmentally conscious
  20. Report any damage or breakage of items of the private property immediately for redress
  21. Rooms will be checked by the caretaker before the guest departure
  22. No illegal Contraband allowed inside
  23. Gates are closed at 10 pm. Prior permission or information to be provided for late returns.
  24. Please avoid calling the owner & management after 10 pm, unless it is an emergency.
  25. Room Tariffs may vary during peak season & off season between April-September; Oct-March on an Annual basis.
  26. The Ekunj Management has exclusive rights to cancel or ask or arbitrary removal of the clients and their belongings and vacate from the rooms/ premise in the unfortunate event of violation or disagreement over any of the above Rules, if necessary.

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